Accurate, Reliable, and Comprehensive Pricing of Numismatics & Collectibles

The Greysheet, a premier publication by CDN Publishing, stands as the cornerstone of accurate and reliable wholesale pricing information within the numismatic field. As a comprehensive guide to U.S. coin values, it serves as an indispensable resource for collectors, dealers, and industry professionals alike.

At its core, the Greysheet serves the vital function of providing up-to-date wholesale pricing data for a vast array of U.S. coins. Its primary aim is to furnish users with accurate valuations, reflecting the market dynamics, demand, and rarity factors influencing coin values.

Renowned for its accuracy and dependability, the Greysheet is revered within the numismatic community as the “gold standard” reference. It leverages CDN Publishing’s meticulous data collection methodologies, industry expertise, and historical insights to offer the most reliable information available.


The Monthly Greensheet

Since 1963, the Greensheet has been the industry standard for wholesale valuation of collectible United States currency. While the hobby has transformed and grown over these decades, Greensheet has remained a steady source of reliable and unbiased pricing information, based on on the Friedberg catalog standard.

CPG Coin & Currency

CPG® Coin & Currency Market Review

Launched in 2019, the CPG Coin & Currency Market Review is published quarterly to reflect retail price values of collectible U.S. coins and paper money. This 124-page, full-color magazine offers the reader a handy and indispensable reference of current price values. With over 25,000 copies distributed of each issue, dealers, collectors, and coin show promoters love this publication.

Rare Coin Market Review

CAC Rare Coin Market Review

The CAC Rare Coin Market Review is a unique publication devoted to the collectors, investors & dealers of CAC-approved and CAC Grading (CACG) certified U.S. coins. Based on CPG (retail) values, this full-color publication is an essential tool for buyers and sellers of CAC coins in a fast-moving marketplace.


The Banknote Book

The Banknote Book is an unparalleled live catalog featuring 320+ country “chapters” with over 11,000 pages and 100,000 note types and varieties providing detailed info, full-color images, and valuations for every officially issued note per country. Due to its immense size, The Banknote Book is available via digital subscription only.

CDN Exchange

CDN Exchange

CDNX is an online platform for DEALERS ONLY where members have access to the market data of the entire GSID Catalog index of U.S. and world coins and paper money. Wholesale and retail pricing from Greysheet, Greensheet, CPG, and Banknote Book are on quick view along with auction data from participating auction houses like Heritage, Stack’s Bowers Galleries, and more. Members also have access to social-media style messaging for timely access to market-insider information.

Greysheet Digital Media

Greysheet Digital Media

The Greysheet Digital Media brand offers wholesale users access to various API’s and data files to assist with user’s custom software solutions. Do you need our index of coins and paper money cross-referenced to other catalogs like PCGS, NGC, CAC, Friedberg? We’ve got you covered. Do you need wholesale values to assist with internal pricing mechanisms and buyer’s tools? Greysheet Data tools can save you thousands of dollars in programming and manpower.

GSID Cataloging


At the core of the Greysheet Data engine is the GSID catalog index. With a unique identifier for every U.S. and world coin and bank note, including varieties, our index is literally growing every day as we expand for new additions and discoveries. The CAC Grading company recently adopted the GSID as their numbering standard, and so should you.



At our core, we are a technology company. Whitman Brands boasts the largest trove of catalog, pricing, and data in the numismatics trade. We are dedicated to substantial investments in cutting-edge technology with the aim to further advance our capabilities and offerings within the industry.