Feigenbaum John

John Feigenbaum

Whitman Brands / CEO

The Power Merger of CDN & Whitman:

a historic moment in numismatic history

CDN Publishing and Whitman Publishing have united, creating a historic moment in numismatic history.

The merger of CDN Publishing and Whitman Publishing in late 2023 was a match made in heaven. For the first time in numismatic history, these two storied companies combined to meet the demands and needs in the modern era of collectibles.

Where CDN has its roots in the wholesale trade and pricing data, Whitman has been the consistent fountain of information across the hobby. Now as “Whitman Brands” we offer more than ever, including trade shows and support for stamp collectors. As we grow, we look forward to serving the needs of the entire collecting community.

Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates

Whitman owl

The Athena owl, a symbol of wisdom and foresight in Greek mythology, perfectly reflects Whitman Brands’ commitment to elevating intelligence into every endeavor, redefining the entire collecting journey.